Tive (www.tive.co) helps companies see their supply chain in a new way. Today, when a company ships goods they lose sight of them as soon as the product is loaded on the ship, truck or aircraft. If a shipment is delayed or damaged en route, it’s a surprise for the recipient. And supply chain managers hate surprises.

Tive solves this problem with a software + sensor solution that gives companies visibility and analysis of their in-transit inventory. Using always-connected cellular sensors, Tive allows managers to monitor location, temperature, humidity, orientation, shock, vibration, light, and air pressure. With customizable real-time alerts as well as logging and reporting, Tive gives companies the ability to see into the “black boxes” in their supply chain. The result: fewer unhappy customers, reduced disruptions, and lower costs.

Tive is based in Cambridge, MA and is hiring rapidly. Interested in joining the team? See our open positions below.